Golden West Weight Loss
Tucson, Arizona
(520) 792-1966

Changing the Shape of Tucson since 1984
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Tid Bits: All oils are 100% fat.
Weight Loss Testimonials and Examples

Golden West Weight Loss has helped many thousands of Tucsonans lost weight and keep it off. This is the reason we are number one in weight loss. Here are some examples:

  • Nancy F. lost 116 pounds!
    "This program was wonderful for me. I worked well with the Doctors, I have enjoyed the visits, and worked to lose the weight every day. Every day is a new day."

  • Zena F. lost 50 pounds!

  • Donna M. lost 170 pounds!

  • Holly M. lost 42 pounds!
    "It's a work in progress and I'm so thankful for Golden West."

  • Gabriela E. lost 76 pounds!
    "Cambio Mi Vida" (Changed my life)

  • Heidi V. lost 31 pounds!
    "Dr. Kwasman and staff are the best at encouragement and helping me to my goal weight. Thank you"

  • Jeannetta K. lost 145 pounds!

  • Kirsten L. lost 90 pounds!

  • Xavier L. lost 35 pounds!
    "I am very pleased with the results, and I want to thank the whole staff for helping out with this. This is a huge accomplishment!

  • Daniel W. lost 40 pounds!

  • Myrna W. lost 36 pounds!

  • Laura H. lost over 50 pounds!

  • Jennifer S. lost 53 pounds!
    "Haven't weighed this month since high school - amazing. I feel wonderful + energetic + HEALTHY!"

  • Brittany H. lost 135 pounds!

  • Chad P. lost 32 pounds!

  • Sharon J. lost 60 pounds!

  • Scott G. lost 60 pounds!

  • Philip D. lost 95 pounds!

  • Steve N. lost over 75 pounds!

  • Roxana B. lost 47 pounds!

  • Kerstin H. lost over 84 pounds!

  • John F. lost 40 pounds in two months!

  • Tim G. lost 137 pounds!
    "Thanks! Without your help I would not have been able to do it."

  • Natasha V. ost 50 pounds!

  • Bobbie L. lost 83 pounds in one year!

  • James P. lost 40 pounds!

  • Mike M. lost 57 pounds!

  • Michele E. lost 107 pounds in seven and a half months!

  • Paul G. lost 89 pounds!

  • Richard G. lost 122 pounds!

  • Kathryn M. lost 98 pounds!

  • Michelle E. lost 83 pounds in 9 months!

  • Homer F. lost 112 pounds in 1 year!

  • James D. lost 80 pounds!

  • Stephanie D. lost 70 pounds!
    "I'm 22 years old and have seen Dr. Kwasman for about 5 months."

  • Arturo V. has lost 50 pounds!

  • Maria H. reached her goal of losing 65 pounds!

  • Dolores N. lost 70 pounds!

The weight loss programs at Golden West Weight Loss really work!

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